Easy Horse Race Lays – Results

The table below shows a summary of the service performance based on level stakes. The full results are updated regularly and the summary at the end of each appropriate period.

The full results for the service may be downloaded by clicking here - EHL Variable odds - they are in Excel format and users may test their own staking and odds preferences by changing the values in cells K2, K3 (for min and max odds) and  S2 and U2 for stake levels. These are coloured light yellow for ease of identification. We have found that the optimum performance is seen using minimum odds of 3.00 and a maximum of 9.99. The slight format change from 1 September 2018 is due to the results now being derived directly from the EHL bot.

Since the service became live the results have been proofed to Racing Index (it is not possible to do this prior to a service being available for subscription). It should be noted that because bets are placed just before the off the pricing may vary slightly to BSP as shown at Racing Index and some selections can apparently not qualify but are in fact placed. An example of this can be seen on 11 September 2018 when the selection qualified for a bet via the bot at 3.05 but the BSP was 2.96.

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